Rockstar Hangout Fest digs

8ac1b602233e4bd5f115a54098ef649d min - Rockstar Hangout Fest digs

Our crew has gone to all eight Hangout Fests, staying in probably the best set of condos anywhere near the fest.  “Living like a rock star” wouldn’t do it literal justice! Here’s a pretty crappy video we took of our place a while back. It’s a relatively short walk over to the fest whether it be on the beach or on the side of the road along with other bathing-suit-clad fest-goers. We’re at the point were we don’t even care who plays the fest anymore and we actually HOPE for…

Chicago Open Air Music [food, and beer] Festival 2017

chicago open air min - Chicago Open Air Music [food, and beer] Festival 2017

It was another good weekend for outdoor music in Chicago.  We caught Jimmy Buffett with Huey Lewis and The News at Wrigley, Almost got into Pitchfork, and capped it off with our first Chicago Open Air music festival (1 day of it, anyway). Chicago Open Air 2017 Line-up poster We were able to make it to the Sunday leg of the fest and were able to get there early enough for  Whores. That’s “Whores. Period.” as Jane and were having fun repeating over the weekend. Pretty sure we where still…

Smart Electrician Swivel Surge Protector

20170725 184443 min - Smart Electrician Swivel Surge Protector

One the box: Each of the two units has the following: Protected and grounded indicator light 1200 Joule surge protection 3 grounded outlets in a fixed position bank 3 grounded outlets on a swivel bank that can rotate 90 degrees to fit behind tight spaces Rated for indoor use Ideal for: Personal computers,phones/fax/modems, printers, stereos, and other electronics. Not intended for use with aquarium equipment USB Charger benefits: Ideal for: Tablets, smartphones, MP players, and other small electronics Charges 2 devices simultaneously Compatible with USB 1.1/2.0 This has come in…

Greece – Acropolis

IMG 4695 min - Greece - Acropolis

Our first stop in Greece was in Acropolis. We stayed at a hotel by a square – actually a monument in a park contained within a huge roundabout -within eye-shot of the Acropolis. Going to dig up the travel journal and start posting some of these kajilion pictures (I take too many pictures sometimes). Here’s some from around town before we get to all the ancient ruins and what not. Please follow and like us:

Las Vegas in March 2017

20170318 051556 - Las Vegas in March 2017

On my last trip to Vegas – a rare Vegas “boys trip” –  I took advantage of some nights I got comp’d at Tropicana. A view from my Trop room. Sometimes it’s a dirty guy in a dirty Minions costumes, sometimes it’s some higher-talent entertainment. They came to the right city if they were lookin’ for sinners..   While I have actually bypassed the poker table on a trip or two with the Girl, there was no passing it up on a trip with two other poker players. Avoid the…


bumbershoot 2015 lineup - Bumbershoot

Last year (actually, a year ago this week), The Girl and I took our first Seattle trip together to attend our first Bumbershoot music festival. While the houseboat I rented via Air Bnb smelled like a septic tank and had us scared to use it’s bathroom for fear of running out of water, the festival itself was a great. Unlike your usual music festival, Bumbershoot is held on the Seattle Center grounds by the Space Needle, Experience Music Project (EMP), and more.   The schedule for Bumbershoot 2017 has been…

ClubWPT $2000 6 Max tournament December 31st 2017 – 130792

ClubWPT $2000 6 Max tournament December 31st 2017 - 130792

ClubWPT’s $2000 6 Max tournament on December 31st 2017 (poker tournament 130792), at least until I get eliminated after about an hour. It’s set at 300% speed as to not drag along. Please SUBSCRIBE, like, and comment and leave some tips/critiques/advice on the YouTube page! I’ll spice these up in the future. Please follow and like us: