Home brewing: Adding the malt extract and candied sugar to the wort

Stirring in the malt extract

Watch the golden malt extract ooze out into the swirling pot of love as we prepare a Belgian Trippel. If you listen closely, you might here a little “glug glug glug”. This time around, we used Mallard Malts as it’s what came with my kit.   When you’re finished pouring, add a little bit of the hot wort to the bottle to get the rest of it out. Now take another moment to admire the wort. Okay.. don’t drool into the wort. Any type of contamination will just ruin everything!…

Tomorrow’s Cubs Charities 50/50 Raffle proceeds will benefit Hurricane Harvey relief

Cubs Charities

Tomorrow’s Cubs Charities 50/50 Raffle proceeds will benefit Hurricane Harvey relief Cubs Charities will join the fight to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey Wednesday, August 30, by donating 50/50 Raffle proceeds raised at the game to the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross is working to provide safe shelter and comfort for the many people impacted by Hurricane Harvey, the most dangerous hurricane to strike the United States in over a decade. Fans can purchase 50/50 Raffle tickets from uniformed Cubs Charities raffle ticket sellers starting two hours…

About Dogs


How Dogs’ remarkable noses shape how they view the world. Why dogs tilt their heads. Does your dog forget you when you leave?? Should you let your dog lick your face? 10 things humans do that dogs hate. Some of the more dangerous dog breeds you can own. And finally.. Why dogs spin before they poop. Please follow and like us:

The more you know…

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Animals The flashlight fish projects light that’s created by luminescent bacteria that live in the pockets below its eyes. Male seahorses carry the eggs and birth the babies. Also called the Mexican Hairless Dog, the Xoloitzcuintli breed was used by Aztecs for companionship, and occasionally for lunch. Prized for their body heat (hence the lack of fur), Xolos are still used in Mexico as nature’s hot water bottles. Why do angelfish feel safe inside the mouths of hammerhead sharks? They share a symbiotic relationship as natural toothpicks, picking out parasites from between…

Austin City Limits (ACL) layout improvements

Austin City Limits 2017 map

Austin City Limits has made some changes to their grounds layout from ACL 2016: Choose from three entrances: the Barton Springs East Entrance, the Barton Springs West Entrance, and the Lady Bird Lake Entrance. New Box Office should make it easier to pick up wristbands or get help, wherever you are. Head to the East Box Office if you’re coming from Lamar Blvd. or check out the West Box Office if you’re coming from Mopac or getting dropped off from one of the free Official Festival Shuttles. With an expanded festival area, stages are being moved to improve crowd flow and avoid…

Loufest in St. Louis on Sept 9th and 10th, featuring Weezer,Snoop Dogg,Cage The Elephan

LouFest 2017 poster2 1 - Loufest in St. Louis on Sept 9th and 10th, featuring Weezer,Snoop Dogg,Cage The Elephan

So disappointed that I can’t get out to Loufest. Would have loved to hit the museum while taking in some great acts at the fest. Not a bad string of good acts on Saturday (Day 1)   ..and how can you go wrong with these two the next day?: Loved Weezer’s performance at Lollapalooza this year and really every Weezer show we’ve seen. I let myself miss Cage the Elephant this time despite looking forward to seeing them the most that day. We had seen Cage at Lolla two times…

Biggest Lottery haul in U.S. history. What would YOU do?

powerball ticket

Massive lottery won by individual ticket The winner of $758.7m in the Wednesday August 23rd 2017 Powerball Lottery has shown her lucky mug and claimed the biggest jackpot in American history. The 53-year-old Mother-of-two Mavis Wanczyk played numbers numbers based on relatives’ birthdays – 6, 7, 16, 23, 26, and Powerball number 4 –  at a Pride Station & Store in Chicopee, Massachusetts. State Lottery have validated the ticket. While the biggest Powerball jackpot to date was $1.6 Billion, that one was shared by three ticket holders in January 2016. Pfft.…


wurst fest 2017

Murder By Death, The Anniversary, Diarrhea Planet, Masked Intruder, Shiner, Dramatic Lovers, Pkew Pkew Pkew, The Crombies, Post Child, Last False Hope, Kali Masi, Bleach Party, The Eradicator, Adam Lee, Speed Babes, Bad Mechanics, Tidal, Sam Vicari, Sincere Engineer, Hi Ho Friday Sep 8, 2017  –  Sunday Sep 10, 2017 12:00 PM $25 Plumbers Local Union Randolph & Ogden Chicago, ILIt might not be the BEST music fest, but it’s probably the Würst.** 3-Day Passes: $25 ** Tickets and Different food and drink packages available here. GutenBucks are accepted by all food vendors and…

Las Vegas Wildlife

Mom and baby dolphin

The dolphin habitat at Secret Garden at the Mirage Hotel and Casino has welcomed a new addition and we were lucky enough to be nearby.   Here’s a sample of the outdoor habitat area inside the Flamingo Hotel and Casino. This poor kitty can’t get any privacy to clean up a bit. I’ll have to grab some pictures of the scorpions that hang out at my buddy’s house in Vegas.     Please follow and like us: