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Toxic turkey cooking bag kills multiple pet birds

FB IMG 1512459414396 - Toxic turkey cooking bag kills multiple pet birds

A woman (Ayesha) recently posted a message on Facebook reporting that the fumes from a Jennie-O turkey bag has killed 9 of her birds: Ayesha: Please share so anyone with a bird will know never to use these… I have 50+ birds from Parrots to Parakeets.. Never ever again. Walmart substituted my two turkey breasts […]

My Trip to the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Here’s a little bit of my view of the Grand Canyon in November 2017. Needless to say, it’s a place everyone should get to if given the opportunity. – Jon

Elon Musk and the Flat-earthers

flat earth,flat-earth,flat earthers,flat-earthers

The brilliant Flat-earther answer to Elon Musk’s question regarding Mars’ lack of flatness…   Flat Earth Society's reply to Elon Musk.. — Tweddit (@Tweddit) November 30, 2017

Kirk Cousins hit so hard that Kirk’s Cousin felt it.

20171201 133134 - Kirk Cousins hit so hard that Kirk's Cousin felt it.

    During the Dallas Cowboys 38-14 win over the Washington Redskins on Thursday, David Irving may have come close to ending Kirk Cousins’ life with a devastating blow that, while clean, will probably be considereda penalty soon in the No Fun League.   Madden developers just knocked Kirk Cousins' Awareness down to 0 […]