Asking for a favor? How do YOU behave after asking?

confused meme - Asking for a favor? How do YOU behave after asking?
I ran into a frustrating situation recently and typed-out this mile-a-minute stream-of-consciousness post soon after. Instead of hitting “enter” and having yet another post out in Facebooklandia that could be interpreted as a downer, I went with the copy-and-paste-into-a-blog option. Here’s the situation:
Co-worker posts a request seeking someone to help them out with something work-related.
1) I reply to the post informing them that I’ll let them know if I can help once I learn about one of the two possible dates for a prior commitment. No response, but no big deal so far.
2) I learn that I can help them out but can no longer find the original post (did they actually delete it instead of commenting to let others know it was taken care of? Not sure)
3) I reply to them in a similar thread that another co-worker posted, letting them know I can help. No response. I notice that they left their # to text as that’s their preferred way of being contacted. So I text them to let them know I can help. No reply
4) I notice that they are, in fact, still alive as they have and are posting on facebook since.
This person is super-sweet and a joy to be around but guess if whether or not I’m going to go the extra mile to attempt to help them next time. Take a wild freakin’ guess.😀
You never know what people have going on and how much flukes, coincidences, and whatever else is preventing someone from keeping things in order so you shouldn’t pass judgement. You can’t just assume that they really don’t care about anything else beyond their own needs, despite being smiley and friendly (it happens). But make sure you don’t waste your energy either.


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