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KRONOS: Custom reports


Does anyone knows on how to create custom reports for Workforce Ready? Any document will be helpful.




Hi Syed – I’m a WFC consulting type & only just getting first exposure to WFR (initial thoughts are that it ain’t half bad btloi …), so hope my reply is at least partially correct & of some use.

Seems that for all intents & purposes the WFR application itself is the “Report Writer”, as in each & every screen that you access is in effect a report, or a potential report. As such, to create a new/customized report, you follow the process for designing a new, customized screen with relevant data/columns/layout as required and then save that as a Personal, Shared, or Company-wide default screen (“report“)

This is then your new “report“, and you follow the usual process wrt extracting or exporting this data to your chosen output destination.

Regards, Johann

RE: Custom Report – Data Reporting Source

Good morning.
I am trying to create a custom report using Visual Studio.  I took the class a few years back and I remember them saying that once you set up the ReportingDataSource in 1 environment you do not have to change it to go from development to test to production.  I can get the report to run in Visual Studio but my problem is that I am stuck on how to set up the ReportingDataSouce so that it works correctly.  I can get it to work if I add the ODBC to a particular environment but when we refresh test I don’t want to have to go in and change the ODBC on the custom report.  Any help would be appreciated.
Kronos v6.3 – sql db.


Kronos is very secretive about how the DSN is created and what the parameters are.  We found it much easier to grab an existing report from Kronos and alter it, rather than build a newreport from scratch.  This might help.



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Kronos workforce management

KRONOS: IP Address Display on Clocks

My company types the Clock Number and the IP Address into the Alternate Message field on the General Device Setting so that each clock displays it’s IP Address and device number.

Is there a setting to display the IP Address and/or Device Number or other identifying information without having to have so many general device settings and text fields to maintain?




We put a label on each clock with Name, IP and Device ID.  Works for our environment.



I always liked physical labels on the clocks because they are identifiable even when no power is on.  Downside is that when they are swapped out the label must be changed– indeed a rare occurrence.

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Kronos workforce management

KRONOS: Timecard Audit Tab

I cannot access the audit tab in the timecard as I am receiving this message:

WFP-01596 The requested operation cannot be performed for people who you do not have access to.

I have tried it as a manager, timekeeper, and superuser. We are on 8.0.16. Anyone had this issue?

Thank you,

System Analyst, Payroll


I have had issues with the Audit tab all week. It is blank, is very slow to load if it loads it at all.

We are on v8.0.14



We are on v8.0.14 and have lots of issues with the tabs at the bottom of the timecard often not working. We are using Chrome on Windows 7.

The Totals and Accruals tabs work intermittently but the Audits tab rarely works for me. I usually have to choose “GoTo” then “Audits” for that. Wish there was a good trick to get the Totals working.

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KRONOS: Version 8 performance

The speed that data is retrieved in version 8 seems to me to be much slower than it was in 6.2. Finding one employee in the genie QuickFind or a whole department in a Reconcile Timecard and you notice a difference. Are there any settings to improve the speed in Kronos 8?

Thank you,

System Analyst, Payroll

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Kronos workforce management

KRONOS: Duration Pay Codes

Q: A questions for those that use duration pay codes –  Do you utilize the Always process duration as separate shift?

I have been using Duration Pay Code edits a lot recently and found the feature robust and useful.

I generally use the “Always process duration as a separate shift” as my default because a Duration Pay Code Edit typically is expected be behave like a Standard Pay Code Edit (which is not attached to any existing punched span of time).  Remember, a Duration Pay Code Edit is very much like a punched span of time, so usually one would want that separated from any “real” punched time.
Nice thing is you can have the time associated with the Duration Pay Code Edit be the same time as a punch or the same time as other Duration Pay Code Edit.
I have configured Duration Pay Codes with the amount flowing through a Work Rule (specified in the Pay Code Definition– very much like having Holiday Credit flow through a Work Rule).  Also, Totals Pay Code Replacement which allows me to use and test a single Pay Code Distribution, but have the resulting pay code substituted with another “at the end”.  Hard to describe, but I like it.  I recently used Duration Pay Codes for about a dozen pay codes that needed to behave like a worked span of time starting at midnight— it was all based on one Work Rule/PCD with Totals Pay Code Replacement in the Pay Code definition.
I have not used them for the Auto-resolved Exceptions (which are entirely different from what I described above), but those look like they would be useful in some policy settings.


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