Cage the Elephant @ The Vic (And that crowd dive)

7 30 2017 10 29 33 PM - Cage the Elephant @ The Vic (And that crowd dive)

I’m pretty sure that we had first caught Cage the Elephant at their Lollapalooza debut in 2009 at a very memorable show that had frontman Matt Schultz standing atop the center of a sea of screaming fans during a sun shower that quickly evolved into a downpour.

Fast-forward to February 27th, 2011 and my girlfriend and I were excited to be at The Vic Theatre in Chicago for a more intimate viewing of a Cage the Elephant performance.  While I almost always remember to snap some pictures at every show I attend,  I make sure I follow the following phone etiquette protocol:

  • Make sure the flash is off. I don’t ever use flash yet I still check to make sure.
  • Dim the viewfinder all the way down. This makes a huge difference when it comes to those distracting phone lights. The sea of hand-held lights at every show really isn’t necessary.
  • Keep the camera as low as possible and take as few pictures as possible.
  • Don’t hold the camera up for more than about 10 seconds – this includes video. It’s rare when recording an entire song (or most of it) makes sense. Personally, I have some spots that I shoot for in certain venues that put me in a position to have nobody directly behind me (aisle seat, against the wall, etc). When I score those, I may be less concerned with holding my phone up but still rather not keep doing that as I hardly get around to looking at the pictures I do take.


So there we were, enjoying a very rocking show at one of our favorite neighborhood music venues, when front-man Matt Schultz WALKS ON TOP OF the crowd all the way to the back and surfed back up to the stage.

Cage with Logo 500x280 - Cage the Elephant @ The Vic (And that crowd dive)

If that wasn’t fun enough, he proceeds to climb up the speaker tower. When he gets to the top, he’s got fans on the second balcony looking up at him. It was pretty damn high. Once he finished directing the crowd below, it was clear he was ready for his stage dive. Well.. really a speaker tower dive. He Was nowhere near the stage. I gotta say, being this close while seeing it live is a little scary.

You can check it out the dive right here. The audio is horrible but leave it on if you want to hear the crowd reaction.:

The only Cage the Elephant live video as of the day if this article was from that show. In January 2012, they released Live from The Vic in Chicago.

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