Quinn the cat

Quinn found her mommy when she was just a fuzzy gray Russian Blue kitten and has lived with her humanoid parents and usually two other cats for about sixteen years since. While she always could have been mistaken for an older kitten, her age and catness will show on the occasional mistep and fuzzy littleRead More

U.S. authorities declare Eastern puma extinct – Portland Press Herald

It finally happened on January 23, 2018. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service declared the eastern puma officially extinct, removing it from the Federal List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife. Yes, in many ways that’s devastating news. Somehow we let another incredible creature disappear from the world. Here’s the thing, though — the last sighting of this particular bigRead More

Cat’s reaction to tornado alarm.

Cat’s reaction to tornado alarm is priceless. Cat’s Reaction to Tornado Warning System Please follow and like us:

Man awakens to wild kitties on his porch.

Tim Newton woke up to suspicious noises at the door of his Alaskan home and worried that he was being burglarized. What he instead found was a bunch of cute lynx kittens with their mom. The Alaska photographer figured maybe it was a bear that was clawing at the front door. When he finally builtRead More

Squeaks McGee – The adorable rescue kitten

Squeaks McGee- the adorable rescued kitten who loves climbing atop shoulders. Such a cute little squeeker. She was found alone in an open drawer in an abandoned building. It appears she was the runt that wasn’t able to crawl out after the rest of the litter moved along. Last word on “Isabella” or “Izzy” wasRead More

Laffy Taffy Cat

This is Laffy Taffy Cat, a kitten saved and fostered by some friends and family in Michigan and subsequently given to a permanent home. Such a cute smooshy little critter! Please follow and like us:

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