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How Dogs’ remarkable noses shape how they view the world. Why dogs tilt their heads. Does your dog forget you when you leave?? Should you let your dog lick your face? 10 things humans do that dogs hate. Some of the more dangerous dog breeds you can own. And finally.. Why dogs spin before they poop. Please follow and like us:

Las Vegas Wildlife

Mom and baby dolphin

The dolphin habitat at Secret Garden at the Mirage Hotel and Casino has welcomed a new addition and we were lucky enough to be nearby.   Here’s a sample of the outdoor habitat area inside the Flamingo Hotel and Casino. This poor kitty can’t get any privacy to clean up a bit. I’ll have to grab some pictures of the scorpions that hang out at my buddy’s house in Vegas.     Please follow and like us:

Dolphin chases boat with excited passenger dog aboard

Dolphin chases boat with dog

This dolphin appears appears to be chasing a boat so that he can hang out with this excited doggie. We can’t see for sure as we don’t understand dogenese but this canine may have been egging the sea creature on. Please follow and like us:

Costa Rican Critters

Coati eating a banana next to our room in Monte Verde in Costa Rica

One of the highlights of our last Coast Rica trip was getting to see these cute critters! This one found a banana next to our quarters in Monteverde and didn’t mind our getting up close and personal! Note that it is illegal to feed the jungle wildlife in Costa Rica. They’ve gotten quite comfy with humans and have been an issue with their racoon-like behavior around people’s trash cans. Check out these howler monkeys walking away from the hotel’s breakfast area after getting the boot by the servers with long…

Red Panda vs Rock

Red panda vs Rock

I’m Jane and I love cuteness. I NEED cuteness. This is my cuteness blog where I just post cuteness. So look at this Red Panda. LOOK AT IT. Please follow and like us:

Laffy Taffy Cat

Laffy Taffy - Laffy Taffy Cat

This is Laffy Taffy Cat, a kitten saved and fostered by some friends and family in Michigan and subsequently given to a permanent home. Such a cute smooshy little critter! Please follow and like us: