How to clear the crap from Google Chrome browser

How to clear crap from Chrome browser

Is the all-knowing Google monster causing some of your past actions to interfere with what you need to get done? Here’s how to clean some the crap from your Google Chrome browser.   Three dots > Settings > Advanced > Clear browsing date > leave desired boxes checked > Clear data     Please follow and like us:

Daily Writing Tips – Suffixes of Quality

Eat healthy, exercise, get plenty of rest.

This post lists suffixes—any group of letters attached to the end of a word, a base, or a phrase to convey a meaning related to that of the root element—that pertain to qualities. Examples of nouns featuring a particular suffix are provided after the suffix. Suffixes attached to words to refer to a quality of being or a state or condition include the following:-acity: perspicacity, capacity-an: partisan, urban-ance: attendance, balance-ate: apostate, reprobate-cracy: democracy, theocracy-cy: residency, privacy-dom: kingdom, wisdom-ence: sentience, abscence-ern: western, cavern-ery: bravery, effrontery-escence: effervescence, adolescence-ese: legalese, Chinese-esque: burlesque, grotesque-ete: aesthete, athlete-ette: kitchenette, cigarette-ful: handful, earful-gamy: monogamy, polygamy-gon: pentagon, polygon-hood: brotherhood, neighborhood-ia: absentia, dementia-ial: editorial, colonial-ian: pediatrician, patrician-ine: canine, feline-ity: gravity, hilarity-ization: organization, fertilization-less: fearless, homeless-let: inlet,…

Primes and Princes – DailyWritingTips

Eat healthy, exercise, get plenty of rest.

This post lists and defines words deriving from the adjective primus, meaning “first” or “finest.” premier: first, or earliest; as a noun, a synonym for “prime minister”premier danseur/première danseuse: the first male and female dancer, respectively, in a ballet companypremiere: most commonly, a first performance or broadcast of a performing-arts production or the first day of an exhibition (and, rarely, the leading actress in a production); as a verb, pertains to appearing for the first time in a starring role, or the first performance of a performing-arts productionprim: neat and trim, or prudish or stiffly…

Beating Writer’s Block

Writer's block

I subscribe to “Daily Writing Tips” and find their mailings to be quite informative so I thought I’d pass along some of their tips with a link to subscribe to their content. They definitely deserve a shout-out! -Jon Every writer, at times, has trouble thinking of what to say next. Or what to say at all. The cause may be fear, pressure, perfectionism, but often lack of inspiration. No doubt even Mesopotamian scribes of five thousand years ago hesitated before putting stylus to tablet. We’ve written about writer’s block several…