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The 8 Best Bruce Springsteen Books 

The best Bruce Springsteen Books

A page-by-page guide to becoming a Springsteen scholar Photo by Lynn Goldsmith/Corbis/VCG via Getty Images Bruce Springsteen proved himself to be a natural dramatist with a knack for crafting memorable, fleshed-out characters—none more elaborate than himself. Few artists from the classic rock era take as much care in accurately telling their own story; it’s hard to […]

Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare's company typically performed in large theaters like the Globe.

“Greatest love story of all time” Written in 1595 or 1596 Often called the “Greatest love story of all time”. Romeo goes to a party to get over a girl with whom he is obsessed with (Roseline) but then is obsessed with a different girl – Juliette – the very next day.   Their families […]