Geoffrey Owens accepts Tyler Perry gig

geoffrey-owens access job from Tyler Perry after job-shaming of Trader Joe's cashier job

A representative for Owens told CNN that he has accepted a job offer from Tyler Perry, who tweeted earlier this week that he wanted Owens to appear on his OWN television show, “The Haves and The Have Nots.” Owen’s exact role on the show is unknown, but he’ll appear on multiple episodes.   #Actor #GeoffreyOwens responds to the apology from woman who took the picture of him working at #TraderJoe’s: “I say that’s very cool, and I say I accept that… if I could see her now, I could totally…

Donald Trump on David Letterman through the years

Donald Trump on Late Night, 1986-87 Trump’s first appearance was in a remote that aired October 1, 1986: Dave paid a quick visit to his office at Trump Tower. (This was referenced in the next clip.) Dave asks Trump to reveal his wealth, Trump points out that his chair is lower than David’s,   Donald Trump on Late Night, May 21, 1992 Trump discusses his recent financial woes and divorce, Ross Perot, and his take on Mike Tyson’s rape conviction.   Donald Trump on David Letterman 17 October, 2013 Full…

Geoffrey Owens Time Magazine interview

Cosby Show Geoffrey Owens

  ; “Every job is worthwhile” “Every job is worthwhile.” Former ‘Cosby Show’ actor Geoffrey Owens speaks out over job-shaming incident — TIME (@TIME) September 4, 2018 Like his fan page!     Geoffrey Owens wears Yale hat and Trader Joe’s nametag on Good Morning America 😀 Geoffrey Owens has on his @Yale hat AND Trader Joe’s badge. This is a thinkpiece in one picture — Exavier Pope (@exavierpope) September 4, 2018           An act of kindness. Twenty-two years ago while I…

Former Cosby show star shamed for having a job gets job offer from Tyler Perry

Cosby Show Geoffrey Owens

  Events after the Trader Joe’s job-shaming incident. Owens has taught acting classes at Yale and has appeared on several television shows over the years such as The Affair and Lucifer, but he said no job has lasted more than 10 weeks. The Trader Joe’s gig gave him the flexibility to audition while earning a steady check. Owens has now quit his grocery store job that he had been at for 15 months because all of the new-found attention made it impossible to remain working there. But, it’s likely that Owens will see a slew…

Former Cosby Show star has pleasant job with health insurance and teaches Shakespeare

Cosby Show Geoffrey Owens

Recently I came across a D-Bag blog has posted a story about “Faded” Cosby Show star Geoffrey Owens was now a “starving actor” working as a cashier at Trader Joe’s. Those that think having a pleasant job in a happy environment (with health insurance) can make someone “faded” are mistaken as to what being an actor or getting roles entails. Or do these clowns actually think that having a recurring role on a show for a handful of years makes you rich beyond your wildest dreams to the point of…

The False Long Take

The Long shot

The Long Take The long take is one of the most impressive techniques used in film. Consider the challenge of Maintaining exposure and focus, choreographic the camera and actors, hitting every mark on time. This happens all at once and is undeniably difficult. But some of the most heralded long takes are the result of visual effects and a lot of planning. They’re made to look like long shots but are, in fact, stitched together and carefully edited. The False Long Take Alfred Hitchcock used the basic technique of obscuring…

Film Guages and their effects – Super 8, 16mm, 35mm, 65mm, IMAX 65

Film gauges

Film Gauges The film gauge that filmmakers use – the width of the strip – heavily affects the mood and tone of the movie. While many filmmakers today choose to gravitate towards digital, Paul Thomas Anderson, Christopher Nolan, and Quinton Tarantino have been very strong advocates for keeping film alive. Today there are just a few major gauges of film Super 8 16mm 16 millimeter film is grainier and often results in a dirtier texture. Think about  the raw and unpolished look of low budget horror films from the 70’s…

Jeff Dlugolecki in Chicago Med season 1, episode 1

Jeff Dlugolecki on Chicago Med

Another video edit made just for fun – I don’t claim ownership to anything here! In this post-train-wreck scene on the very first ever episode ofChicago Med, we see Jeff Dlugolecki getting a quick impromptu check-up by Dr. Rhodes.     Please follow and like us:

Chicago Med: This is Now (UNOFFICIAL commercial)

8 1 2018 8 35 19 AM - Chicago Med: This is Now (UNOFFICIAL commercial)

Here’s a homemade commercial for the Chicago Med “This is Now” episode featuring the CMC (Chicago Med Core). For entertainment purposes only. I own nothing in this video! #ChicagoMed #ThisIsNow #TheCMC #ChicagoMedCore Please follow and like us: