Watch this poker hand

Watch this Poker hand play out and let us know what you think about it. What would you have done differently? Keywords: No Limit Texas Holdem,No Limit Holdem,No Limit Poker,Poker,card game,cards,gambling,suck-out,suck out,poker suck-out,poker suck out Please follow and like us:

ClubWPT $2000 6 Max tournament December 31st 2017 – 130792

ClubWPT’s $2000 6 Max tournament on December 31st 2017 (poker tournament 130792), at least until I get eliminated after about an hour. It’s set at 300% speed as to not drag along. Please SUBSCRIBE, like, and comment and leave some tips/critiques/advice on the YouTube page! I’ll spice these up in the future. Please follow andRead More

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