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We might finally know how the first black holes formed

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By Neel V. Patel Cover image: An illustration of a supermassive black hole.Scott Woods, Western University Generally speaking, there are two widely known and very popular varieties of black holes: stellar mass black holes, which are smaller and form when a big star collapses into itself (yielding a supernova explosion in the process); and supermassive […]


Edgar Allen Poe

I used to think that it was pretty cheesy when I saw random positive posts. But the more I lived and started paying attention to how even the smallest positive moments only made things better, I started to come around a bit. And this isn’t even considering the actual HEALTH benefits. Negativity leads to stress […]

Elon Musk and the Flat-earthers

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The brilliant Flat-earther answer to Elon Musk’s question regarding Mars’ lack of flatness…   Flat Earth Society's reply to Elon Musk.. — Tweddit (@Tweddit) November 30, 2017