New Jersey Governor Chris Christie confronts heckling Cubs fan

Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie confronts heckling Cubs fan.

During yesterday’s game in between the the Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs at Miller Park, Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie was walking down the aisle when a heckler sitting nearby started talking some smack. Christie approaches the fan, gets all up in his face, and calmly calls the fan a “big shot”, all while not even coming close to spilling a drop of cheese food from his nacho tray. Despite having something to say to Christie as he walked by, the fan seemed to not be too eager to…

Lamb of God’s Chicago Open Air setlist

6Z2wxR5a min - Lamb of God's Chicago Open Air setlist

Laid to Rest Now You’ve Got Something to Die For 512 Engage the Fear Machine Descending Ruin Blacken the Cursed Sun Still Echoes Walk With Me in Hell Redneck   Please follow and like us:

Kiss’ Chicago Open Air setlist

39593812 kiss wallpapers min - Kiss' Chicago Open Air setlist

There was Fire breath, Flying dudes in sparkly costumes, and a lot of tongue. Here are the songs that were played during Kiss’ Chicago Open Air Festival set at Toyota Park (Home to the MLS Chicago Fire). Pre-recordedRock and Roll (Led Zeppelin) Live Deuce Shout It Out Loud Lick It Up I Love It Loud Love Gun Firehouse (Gene Breathes Fire) Shock Me (Tommy on lead vocals) Tommy Thayer Guitar Solo Flaming Youth Gene Simmons’ Bass Solo (spits blood and flies into the air) God of Thunder Say Yeah War…

Ozzy Osbourne’s Chicago Open Air setlist

Ozzy Osbourne1 min - Ozzy Osbourne's Chicago Open Air setlist

Pre-recordedCarmina Burana (Carl Orff) Live Bark at the Moon Mr. Crowley I Don’t Know Fairies Wear Boots (Black Sabbath) Suicide Solution No More Tears War Pigs (Black Sabbath) Drum Solo Iron Man (Black Sabbath) Shot in the Dark I Don’t Want to Change the World Crazy Train Encore: Mama, I’m Coming Home Paranoid (Black Sabbath) Please follow and like us:

Korn’s Chicago Open Air setlist

korn85624 min - Korn's Chicago Open Air setlist

Rotting in Vain Falling Away From Me Here to Stay Y’All Want a Single Black Is the Soul Shoots and Ladders Twist Got the Life Coming Undone Insane Make Me Bad Encore: 4 U Blind Somebody Someone Freak on a Leash Please follow and like us:

Anthrax’s set list for Chicago Open Air 2017

Anthrax min - Anthrax's set list for Chicago Open Air 2017

Anthrax’s set list for Chicago Open Air 2017 Pre-recordedThe Number of the Beast (Iron Maiden) I Can’t Turn You Loose (Otis Redding, Blues Brothers version) Among the Living (Intro only) Live Caught in a Mosh Got the Time (Joe Jackson cover) Madhouse Fight ‘Em ‘Til You Can’t Breathing Lightning Antisocial (Trust cover) Parasite (KISS cover) (First verse and chorus only;… more ) Indians Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll (Rainbow song)   Please follow and like us:

Smart Electrician Swivel Surge Protector

20170725 184443 min - Smart Electrician Swivel Surge Protector

One the box: Each of the two units has the following: Protected and grounded indicator light 1200 Joule surge protection 3 grounded outlets in a fixed position bank 3 grounded outlets on a swivel bank that can rotate 90 degrees to fit behind tight spaces Rated for indoor use Ideal for: Personal computers,phones/fax/modems, printers, stereos, and other electronics. Not intended for use with aquarium equipment USB Charger benefits: Ideal for: Tablets, smartphones, MP players, and other small electronics Charges 2 devices simultaneously Compatible with USB 1.1/2.0 This has come in…