New Jersey Governor Chris Christie confronts heckling Cubs fan

Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie confronts heckling Cubs fan.

During yesterday’s game in between the the Milwaukee Brewers and Chicago Cubs at Miller Park, Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie was walking down the aisle when a heckler sitting nearby started talking some smack. Christie approaches the fan, gets all up in his face, and calmly calls the fan a “big shot”, all while not even coming close to spilling a drop of cheese food from his nacho tray.

Despite having something to say to Christie as he walked by, the fan seemed to not be too eager to speak when he the two men were just inches away from each other. Awkward.

This isn’t the first of Christie’s interactions with his fellow baseball fans. Just two weeks ago Christie was booed at a New York Mets game after catching a foul ball which he gave to kid sitting nearby.

Even if you think the guy (Christie) is a knucklehead, I’m not too sure he’s any kind of villain in this particular situation.

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