KRONOS: Timecard Audit Tab

Kronos workforce management

I cannot access the audit tab in the timecard as I am receiving this message:

WFP-01596 The requested operation cannot be performed for people who you do not have access to.

I have tried it as a manager, timekeeper, and superuser. We are on 8.0.16. Anyone had this issue?

Thank you,

System Analyst, Payroll


I have had issues with the Audit tab all week. It is blank, is very slow to load if it loads it at all.

We are on v8.0.14



We are on v8.0.14 and have lots of issues with the tabs at the bottom of the timecard often not working. We are using Chrome on Windows 7.

The Totals and Accruals tabs work intermittently but the Audits tab rarely works for me. I usually have to choose “GoTo” then “Audits” for that. Wish there was a good trick to get the Totals working.