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While starting to piece together the LoudPlace record shop, we thought It might be a good idea to offer some sort of tribute to my childhood record store – Kroozin’ Music. So I thought a nice web presence was in order and did some digging.

Growing up in Brighton Park on Chicago’s South Side, the record store of choice was Kroozin’ Music at 4069 s Archer Avenue Chicago, IL 60632 (You know, by the Brighton Theater and Zip’s Ice Cream). According to public record, a great man named Tom Brown officially put  into business on Oct 28, 1980.

Nerd fact: The file to form was obtained from the Secretary of State and has a file number of 52202833. This business was created in the Illinois SOS Office and the registered agent is Thomas H Brown who did business at 4069 S Archer Ave, Chicago in Illinois

The Evolution of a Gen-X Music Purchaser, Written and Directed by Jack Marchetti, Is a great nod to the classic record store. The short film opens to show the protagonist “Zack” skateboarding his way to Kroozin’ Music to purchase Nine Inch Nail’s new release followed by the significant moments over the years in the changing landscape of music purchasing technology.

Note that the music store in the opening scene is actually shot at Reckless Records at 3126 N Broadway Chicago IL 60657

Kroozin’ Music didn’t stop with the Archer Ave. location. Here’s a Facebook page dedicated to Kroozin’ Music II on 79th street

The final store closed due to the expansion of the nearby school. Shortly afterwards, Thomas Brown beat his liver issues and had wanted to reopen near his home in Indiana. Unfortunately, he later received his diagnosis of bone marrow cancer. According to his son Kyle, he frequently spoke about Kroozin Music into his last year of life.

Thomas H Brown passed away March 8, 2015 (Click here for Tom Brown’s Obituary).

Here’s a nice little photo tribute to Kroozin’ Music


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Please share your Kroozin’ Music experiences or other knowledge of this legendary record store below.

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