Edgar Allen Poe

I used to think that it was pretty cheesy when I saw random positive posts. But the more I lived and started paying attention to how even the smallest positive moments only made things better, I started to come around a bit. And this isn’t even considering the actual HEALTH benefits. Negativity leads to stress which leads to various diseases. And when I say “stress”, i’m counting the tiniest moments of stress that just adds up over time without us even realizing the cumulative damage. I’ll have my bad days and I’ll respond to trolls or otherwise negative people but the best I can do is try to remember that we’re all going to be fertilizer one day or – in the case of my dad who passed away last year – ashes in an urn next to my mom’s bed. He was always fully-stressed and engaged with work and regret of the money lost during the crash and the money he could’ve made had he not sold his [VERY stressful] company. He died a sad and broken man. There’s got to better way.
I’m in between contracts right now and understand that most people would be stressing out about not having work but I know that I always end up getting another contract and feeling a sense of relief.

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