Should we be posting politically on Social Media?


I’ve seen that posting about any point that is owned by either “the left” or “the right” is only going to bum people out and risk pigeon-holing (“holing” how does one “hole”?) the person posting it. Nobody’s opinion is going to be changed about anything. Any time I vote, sign a petition, or send a letter to my Congressman, I imagine how many posts I’ve seen from people that do neither and then I just sit back and enjoy the math on that.

I think there’s also the risk of revealing more about ourselves than we care to when we post about some of these polarizing topics. When I see a friend express anger on a certain issue while completely neglecting to show any concern on another, I’m assuming I’m the only non-psychiatrist /non-sociologist / non-genius that can piece together what that means. Posts don’t exist in a vacuum – context is matters.