Quinn the cat

Quinn (a.k.a.Shy Gray the Russian Blue) snoring as she takes a cat nap

Quinn found her mommy when she was just a fuzzy gray Russian Blue kitten and has lived with her humanoid parents and usually two other cats for about sixteen years since. While she always could have been mistaken for an older kitten, her age and catness will show on the occasional mistep and fuzzy little eye squints.

We’ve been fortunate enough to babysit her when her parents are out of town (which is often) or if they just want a little bit of cease fire among her and the other two very young kitties. It seems that Shy Gray (that’s Quinn) isn’t putting up with any kitten b.s. and can show some grumpiness towards the noobs.  While she’s here, she is queen and doesn’t have to smell any other cat. This is her her summer home to come and go as she (her parents, really) wishes.

Turn the volume up for this one to make sure you hear her cute little snoring!



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