Smart Electrician Swivel Surge Protector

20170725 184443 min 840x473 - Smart Electrician Swivel Surge Protector

One the box:

  • Each of the two units has the following:
  • Protected and grounded indicator light
  • 1200 Joule surge protection
  • 3 grounded outlets in a fixed position bank
  • 3 grounded outlets on a swivel bank that can rotate 90 degrees to fit behind tight spaces
  • Rated for indoor use
  • Ideal for: Personal computers,phones/fax/modems, printers, stereos, and other electronics.
  • Not intended for use with aquarium equipment

USB Charger benefits:

  • Ideal for: Tablets, smartphones, MP players, and other small electronics
  • Charges 2 devices simultaneously
  • Compatible with USB 1.1/2.0

This has come in VERY handy in my living room and my office. Sometimes you just don’t need an extension chord along with your surge protection and/or extra outlets.

20170725 184316 min 500x280 - Smart Electrician Swivel Surge Protector

It has 6 outlets, 3 of them on a swivel on the right side with 3 stable one on the left. I’ve already saved having to plug in two phone chargers with the USB options on the front.


It plugs into one grounded (3-holed) outlet while using a 2nd outlet to keep the unit stable with a piece of plastic that goes into the grounding hole (the round hole). Keeps it stable as long as your not unplugging anything. While this is very helpful in space-saving, be careful when unplugging any of your cables. You’ll have to hold on the the unit with one hand as to not have the entire thing come out when trying to disconnect something from it.