T-Pain… ACOUSTIC Tour?? Yep. Pre-sale password here.

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T-Pain will be performing at Bottom Lounge in Chicago, IL on October 15, 2017

The Presale is on now with the password SPOTIFY

If I hadn’t seen the T-Pain piece featured on the NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert series, I would have probably continued to assume Mr Pain to delve solely into the brand of hip hop he is popular for, including being essential in popularizing the Auto-tune effect. So much so that he was included in Lonely Island’s “I’m on boat” which debuted as one of Andy Sandburg’s SNL comedy shorts. As with “novelty” acts such as Flight of the Conchords, don’t make the mistake of assuming that comedy and musical talent are mutually exclusive skills.

While one doesn’t need actually singing chops to put out good and/or creative content, much of T-Pain’s material that was made popular was the type of singing illustrated above which is heavily dependent on Auto-tune for it’s signature sound. Those little robotic shifts that make the effect fun are pretty the moments that the singer is not hitting the note, to over-simplify an explanation. In the pocket of someone who uses Auto-tune specifically for these little shifts, it’s proven to be quite the effective tool.

So that leaves us with this question: What the H would a T-Pain Acoustic show sound like from a performer who has been dissed and had his signature audio trick burned out by others? Seems like it might be weird, at best.  A nervous T-Pain himself thanks the intimate crowd as he states “This is weird as Hell for me…” as millions of YouTube viewers will discover for themselves – but maybe not in the way they imagined.


Along with his modesty and chill personality, this revelation prompted me to follow him on Facebook where, no surprise, posts aren’t limited to music promotion. Cute animals, fun locations, and boobies are never off the playlist. -j

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