Costa Rica: Tamarindo

IMG 5717 min 840x472 - Costa Rica: Tamarindo

The girl loves surprising me so I was told to not check my upcoming flights on Southwest. I was able to divert my eyes and was let in on my secret birthday destination a few days before lift-off.  We were finally going to Costa Rica! Southwest had just started flying internationally which was great news as we tend not to even look at other airlines when booking our local flights.

We flew into San Jose, caught a shuttle to the remote car rental location, and proceeded to drive to Tamarindo Costa Rica. Not that I actually knew where I was driving to since the details of the trip were still secret.

When we arrived at the Tamarindo Diria Hotel, we checked in and walked to our room which was not on the Beachfront side of the Hotel but rather across the street and in the back corner of the  surprisingly expansive and well-groomed property.

A shot of our back corner room at the Tamarindo Diria Hotel

IMG 5669 2017 01 27T13 01 41.784 min 650x365 - Costa Rica: Tamarindo

As you can see from the image above, there was no shortage of places for the local wildlife to hang out at. While I enjoy looking at a cute squirrel in a tree as much as the next guy, it was no match for what we got to enjoy just outside our balcony and door.

As our first vacation morning arrived, so did a sounds that we were not familiar with – the calls of a Howler Monkey! It’s said that these monkeys’ howls can travel a few miles threw  dense rain forest and we had one yelling just outside our room!